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By Edward Vaisman | Senior Kafka Administrator at Tucows

More and more, we see IT organizations gravitate towards and adopt event-driven architectures (EDA). Some of them know exactly what they are getting into; others not so much. On a personal level, I love EDA. My entire career is built on…

By Boris Ng | Jr. Database & DevOps Engineer (Co-op)

I’m currently an Industrial Engineering student at the University of Toronto going into my third year, and for this summer, I was fortunate enough to join Tucows as a Jr Database and DevOps Engineer. In fact, I got this internship…

by Amanda Pham | Jr. DevOps Engineer Intern | Tucows

This summer, as I was about to leave the house for some de-stressing ice-cream after so many intern job interviews that at one point I just stopped counting, I received a call from Erik Reed, Tucows’ Talent Partner, as he…

by Adriana Villela and KC Tessarek | Manager, Observability & Platform Solutions and Team Lead — Observability | Tucows

One of the things that I get to do as part of my job is hiring an intern for each of my teams. I love bringing in interns, because they are…

by Hanno Liem | Chief Technology Officer at Tucows

“We’ve been working so hard to improve our security over the past few years. I know that objectively we are in a better spot than a few years ago. Then why does it sometimes feel as if we’ve declined?“

This thought…

One of the things we pride ourselves on here in the herd is that we’re proactive and don’t shy away from work.

If we see something on the floor (metaphorically), we pick it up. …

by Autumn Whitley — Digital Brand Coordinator for Tucows

In an era where roughly 98% of the average person’s connections come via digital vessels, capturing an audience’s attention can be trickier than ever.

How do we go about communicating important information to a distracted audience?

Below, we’ll dive into some…

Would you say you have great or phenomenal listening skills? Would you describe yourself as energetic or positive?

It seems arbitrary, but the words you choose can mean the difference between having a man in their 40s or a woman in their 20s applying for your role.

Words matter

We’ve long understood…

In celebration of Data Privacy Day (Jan 28), we want to share three data rights you should be aware of while using services online.

We’re sharing way more data now more than ever. Our lives are increasingly migrating to one dominated by online products and services that provide us unparalleled convenience and personalization. The downside is that we have decreasing control over what companies know about us and how they’re using our data.



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